Tuesday, 4 April 2017

New scans of Wargaming in the Twin Cities

 As this is the second most popular post on Vintage Wargaming, I thought it was about time I posted better scans of this rather tatty newspaper article frrom the Minneapolis Tribune Picture Supplement 17th April 1966.

I shall also be adding the new scans to the original post.


Robbie Rodiss said...

We were better dressed wargamers in the past, and looked more enthused.

Zenopus Archives said...

Thanks for the new scans, they do look much brighter. However, comparing the first scan with the previous version (via Google Images), it was posted in a larger size (22 x 17 inches). The new ones are smaller (10 x 12.7), so I can't see as much detail. Could you post the newer scans in a larger size?

I just played in David Wesely's Braunstein at Gary Con last week!

Jon Yuengling said...

There tables are also very nice but most of those gamers started out as railroad modelers first. Wonder if they ever though of the greying of the hobby.

John Grossman said...

The person second from the left in the large photo is Curt Triplett. He introduced me to wargaming in 1966. The miniatures in the smaller photo are from Jack Scruby.